Your Employees Want Leadership - Are You Providing It?

You have heard it all before: People often leave companies because of bad managers. When it comes to motivating factors, money is not at the top of the list. At the same time we know that having a talented, motivated workforce is the only way to succeed in business.

This means that no matter how intelligent you are or how incredible your company’s strategy may be, not having the right people doing the right things will result in stagnation or failure. Having the right people doing the right things is simply a matter of leadership. Leadership isn’t just having a great strategy; leadership is attracting, motivating, empowering and retaining your team. More specifically, leaders, among other things:

• Take the time to hire the right people.
• Have procedures to train new hires.
• Continually train employees.
• Recognize good work.
• Fire poor performers quickly.
• Take the time to ensure that everyone understands the company’s vision.

As you look at his list, there are a bunch of tasks you may think of as being the “soft” side of your business, requiring you to be “warm and fuzzy.” But these tasks are as every bit as important, if not more so, than negotiating financing or coming up with a crackerjack marketing plan. These tasks are probably a lot harder to understand and master than the things you think of as “hard” skills. But if you agree that your employees are the biggest actor in whether your business makes it or fails, then you have to agree that those leadership skills are the ones that should top your personal list of areas for improvement.

I hope you run one of those businesses that puts an annual plan together for the upcoming year. If you do, don’t forget to make sure that human resources and leadership are a part if that plan in addition to typical areas like marketing and sales. If you are not sure what to include in your plan, ask your employees questions like, “What can be done to improve the culture at the company” and “What do you need to be more successful and productive?” I am sure they will tell you.

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