Which of These 5 Local Marketing Mistakes Do You Make?

Despite all the shiny new gadgets and opportunities that technology provides, marketing hasn't become necessarily easier for the average small business owner. In fact, most marketing efforts are overlooked or nothing more than a check off the to-do list.

Thus, it should come as no shock that despite the DIY guides and list of tips, that local businesses often get it wrong.

If you happen to be one of those local brands that have yet to see success from your marketing, ask yourself if you make one of these five common mistakes with local marketing:

Scattering Your Efforts

Many business fail to realize that marketing is more than just throwing as much as you can at consumers, hoping some of them will take the bait. This is often the result of not acknowledging that marketing is a crucial business function requiring goals, planning and focus.

Without monitoring, measuring and analysing your marketing campaign, chances are it will flop. Therefore, it's pertinent to identify what's working and what isn't so you'll know for sure where to invest your time and resources more effectively.

Relying only on word of mouth

While local "mom and pops" get a lot of clients through word of mouth, a lot of leads are missed and consequently, profits. There's no denying the wonderful referrals and recommendations are the product of word of mouth, but you could be leveraging your brand to a much greater effect if you took an active approach to nurturing referrals and building a solid reputation.

Spending Too Much Time on Facebook

With all the hype and chatter about social media sites and how they increase profit, it's easy to be seduced by the promise of reaching a global audience. But too often the shimmer of technology blinds local business owners from the potential wealth in their immediate, local area. Many small business have no idea how many potential customers are within ten miles of their area.

While social media sites and signals are key factors to a business's success, it's much easier to serve and dominate your local market than to grow great via online hype.

Rather than spend all your time on finding customers in other cities, first focus solely on the potential in your own backyard and evolve from there.

Not Using Your Website For Lead Generation

A few years ago, not many local businesses had websites.While this has certainly changed, far too few actually know why they have a website and what to do with it.

Most small business offer the standard 'brochure site'- an about page with a mission statement, a page outlining their product or service, a phone number and even a blog (which lost enthusiasm in the first few weeks).

Savvy small businesses don't simply build a website to abandon it. If you don't use the potential of your website you waste tremendous opportunity. At the very least, you should work on generating leads. Whether it's a simple appointment booking form, a callback request form, or a basic email sign-up this will turn your viewers into potential customers, which translates into profit.

Not Getting Enough Fresh Air

Networking your business is an effective local marketing strategy that potentially rewards you with far more than a few new clients. However, many businesses limit themselves to a network of 15-20 people. And, if they do branch out it's usually through various online channels, rather than in their own area.

When was the last time you walked across the street and into your competitor's store or met up with a relevant business? For one thing, learning from your competitors teaches you the do's and don'ts of marketing. Building relationships with other businesses and organizations when relevant, broadens your company's social circle and spreads brand awareness.

Therefore, get to know the local businesses better, and find ways to collaborate that benefit all parties involved.

If you've gotten this far and realize you make one or more of these mistakes, there's good news. Most of these mistakes can be remedied with very little costs and renovation. But the real way to get most out of your local marketing efforts is to start taking it more seriously and focus on specific goals.