Want To Know What Your Customer Is Really Feeling?

Are you anxious to eliminate calls from frustrated clients and get to the cause of their irritation more quickly? 

The newest call recording and monitoring software can help you do just that. Companies such as eTalk, Envision and NICE Systems can capture, store, retrieve and analyze all of a company’s telephone interactions with its customers. Speech analytics features such as “word spotting” allow you to isolate calls where words or phrases from a pre-established, infinite lexicon are uttered, while “emotion detection” technology can raise a flag on any calls where there is a marked deviation in the level of emotion. The technology is installed on your company’s computer system, with costs generally falling in the range of $1,000 per customer service agent. Speech analytics can be an invaluable tool for training purposes, as the technology can be used to make sure call center agents are courteous, adhere to scripts and follow up to make sure the customer is satisfied. It can even be used to help companies such as credit card issuers identify fraudulent callers trying to use someone else’s identity.