Tired of Fruitless Website Searches? Try the Google Toolbar

Have you ever gone to a website searching for specific information that you knew was on the site somewhere, but you just couldn’t seem to find it?

As websites get more information-heavy, it can get harder and harder to find exactly what you are looking for, particularly if the site is not designed well. In addition, many websites (nyreport.com included), have “floating pages” — pages that are not on the navigational menus of a website.

The Google Toolbar, a downloadable program that becomes a part of your browser, can solve a lot of these problems. The toolbar is a handy plug-in, currently available for Windows, Mac and Firefox, that lets you access the Google search engine regardless of what page you are on. If you are on a website and select “Current Site,” it will search that particular website for whatever information you need.

Let’s use an example from our own site. Say you were in attendance at the WCBS Business Breakfast held on Long Island last November. Report editor Robert Levin, one of the panelists, mentioned several websites that can help uncover keywords that your prospects would search for relating to your product. He said that he would put those links on www.nyreport.com/wcbs. If you forgot the exact URL, you were out of luck. But if you had the Google Toolbar and searched nyreport.com for “wcbs,” you would find exactly what you were looking for.

We use the toolbar every day at the Report. One of our favorite uses is when we need to find out who the owner of a company is and it is not listed on the “about us” page of a website. If the name is somewhere on the site, there is a good chance Google will find it. And best of all, the Google Toolbox is free and takes no more than a minute to download.