Still Growing Strong: Rob Stone

Rob Stone, founder and co-CEO of Cornerstone Promotion and co-founder of FADER Media, is a music, media, and branding executive in NYC.

We spoke to you in 2007. What was your company doing then?

In 2007, we were celebrating the 25th anniversary of Nike’s Air Force One shoes by developing an exclusive track, "Better than I've Ever Been," with Kanye West, Nas, Rakim, and KRS-One, and produced by Rick Rubin. The resulting song ended up being the first track developed by a brand to be nominated for a Grammy Award.

We also began working with Converse on key projects around its upcoming centennial, and really started moving into high gear with, and expanding on, FADER and its media properties.

Where are you now?

This year, we launched the Pepsi NFL Anthems campaign, a national program pairing big artists with their favorite NFL team to create a team anthem. We went global with Bushmills’ “Since Way Back” campaign, and we also opened Converse Rubber Tracks, a Brooklyn recording studio that allows selected emerging musicians to record their original music at no cost with a team of professional engineers.

We’ve opened an office in London, added a Nashville team, and expanded our existing office in Los Angeles.

Where are you going?

For us, it all starts with a strategic vision coupled with our comprehensive understanding of consumers and the knowledge of how to reach them. Over the next few years, I see Cornerstone continuing to grow and expand the kind of creative work we are doing with Bushmills, Green Label Sound, and Converse. First and foremost, we’re creative—and the amplification of our business follows as a natural complement to our creative vision and execution.

I also see continuing expansion, with our London office providing a launching pad for additional global outreach. And as our services and capabilities continue to grow, we are truly a one-stop agency designed to help brands meet their goals through the most innovative and creative solutions.