Spiritual Selling

Joe Nunziata, an internationally known speaker and sales and business development trainer, has recently published Spiritual Selling: How to Use the Attractor Sales System to Create Abundance in Your Business.  The attractor sales system is based on the premise that in order to be a true success as a salesperson, you need to change from being a predator to being an attractor. Once you do that, says Nunziata, you don’t have to chase new business — you will naturally attract it.

Here are some of Joe’s tips to stop stressing over business and start selling:

Avoid the complainers.  “Jim” was one of the most successful salespeople I ever worked with, but he was disliked by many of his peers.  Jim was a loner who was extremely focused on his mission. I would ask him questions about his process and keys to success whenever the opportunity presented itself.  His philosophy was simple: “I avoid all negative people and complainers because they slow you down.  Most of these people are content to make a living and complain about life.”

Never handicap a potential client.  Another great lesson I learned from Jim: treat every prospect like they are worth a billion dollars.  The second you begin to judge, you change your energy.  A prospect can feel the judgment on an unconscious level.  You have to approach every person with the same level of enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

Stop rushing.  That feeling of pressure can be very exciting and addictive. Rushing is a bad habit that serves no positive purpose.  If you find you are always in a rush, ask yourself,  “Why am I acting this way?”

You, too, are a brand.  Your product or service is not the only brand in the game. You are what I like to call a personal brand, others see you in a certain way — that is your personal brand.  Branding is a big part of sales, based on the fact that people become comfortable and loyal to brands they trust.  To become successful, you must become the brand of choice in your category of business.

Make sure you pay close attention to the feelings and connections you are building relative to your brand.  They will be great assets — or great liabilities.