Six Sharp Marketing Ideas To Help Your Local Business Thrive

The internet is full of articles on marketing advice. Most of these, however, focus on garnering national or even international exposure. What is a company whose client base is mainly local to do to effectively market their business?

Locally marketing a business differs from a national marketing campaign in many ways; there is a more centralized focus and usually a smaller demographic of potential customers. However, with a little organization and small investment of time, a smart business owner can tackle and show great results in marketing his or her local business. Here are six sharp local marketing ideas that can boost brand recognition and market share.

  1. Design and optimize a website. Whether conducting business within a 50 mile or 5000 mile radius, an optimized website is a powerful tool in attracting and capturing new clients. Even locals frequently turn to the internet to search for goods and services in their areas. Invest in a professionally optimized website that includes your company's main keywords, as well as your city and state. This gives your company visibility to potential customers who are ready to buy.
  2. Provide a valuable blog. If buyers were ever asked to participate in a survey, they would all no doubt answer they prefer doing business with an expert. A well-written, informative blog is the easiest way to set yourself apart as an industry leader. Construct easy-to-read posts that your potential customers will find valuable, and post them often. This type of valuable information will drive local buyers to your website, as well as through your door.
  3. Employ social media efforts. Once you have written those descriptive blog posts, share them with your social media connections! Post them on FaceBook and LinkedIn and tweet them out to your followers. Social media offer a plethora of opportunities to reach local prospects for free. In addition to not breaking the marketing budget, engaging with people via social media channels will further establish you as an expert.
  4. Become involved in networking organizations. Buyers enjoy doing business with people they know. A few times a month, it's critical for business owners to get out of their offices and go network. Meeting and talking with people at these events help make local contacts and build relationships that will ultimately strengthen your business. Look for ways to set your company apart during these networking events, such as offering to be the speaker, or donating a door prize. Make certain to hand out business cards, and connect on social media with the people you meet.
  5. Give back to the community. Volunteering your time at a non-profit is not only good for the soul, it's a valuable way to get your brand recognized in the community. Offer to sponsor a fundraiser, or volunteer for a charity bike ride. You will meet new people and gain new connections that will most likely prove valuable down the road.
  6. Write relevant press releases. Relevant news attracts and engages the community, and will gain positive exposure for a business. Periodically write a press release entailing a new product or interesting business milestone (a big anniversary, or moving to a larger location, for example). Submit the release to all area newspapers and community newsletters, post it on social media, and add it to the business website. Not only will a press release inform the reader of a company's offerings, it will give the added benefit of increasing local brand awareness.

Invest a bit of time to utilize these local marketing ideas to promote your business because the result is well worth it. While it may not occur overnight, you will eventually see a strong return on investment from consistently following these marketing ideas, as well as a positive impact to company revenue.