My Favorite Time of Year

September is the start of my favorite time of the year. Sure, I like it when the weather starts to cool down and the holidays seem within reach. But for me, September is all business. Here’s why.

Strong Push

While the debate is still on regarding whether or not business slows down in the summer, I am sure everyone would agree that September means that the entire business community is back to work: The fourth quarter is just days away, marking the beginning of that final push to achieve your company’s annual goals. Sure, prices are up and general spending is down, but this can create opportunity for companies that have the plans and the fortitude to “make it happen.”

Plan for Next Year

Speaking of next year's goals, September is the time when next year’s planning process should begin. Here are two reasons why: As the fourth quarter gets under way, the number of fires that will demand your time will increase (not to mention the holidays). While there is never a convenient time for planning, September is well in advance of holiday parties and frantic year-end sales calls. Next, planning is a process that should be done over a few months so that you can get the perspectives of all of the appropriate decision makers in your company. Start now and you will have the luxury of doing that. This process not only sets the focus for your business for the next 12 months, it serves as a charge to your battery after running the “day-to-day” all year.