How to Organize and Disburse Former Employees’ E-mail Resources.

How to organize and disburse former employees’ e-mail resources.

How to Move a PST file

1. Click on Start, and choose Search.
2. Select All Files and Folders.
3. In the Filename location, type *.pst. Click the down arrow on More advanced options, and check Search hidden files and folders. Make sure you are searching the C drive, and click Search.
4. Once the file is located, click on the file and click on the Folders button at the top of the screen. Locate the shared drive desired on the left side of the screen.
5. Left click and hold the mouse on the file, and drag it to the new file location folder along the left side.

How to Place an Auto-Response Message

1. Click on Tools within the Outlook account, and choose Out of Office Assistant.
2. Click on I am currently out of the office.
3. Enter a message to be provided when an email is received.
4. Click OK.

How to Activate Reading Pane

1. Click on View.
2. Click on Reading Pane, and choose Right
3. To turn off, repeat steps above, but choose Off instead of Right

How to Reviewing Categories (for Outlook 2007 only)

1. Click on Tools
2. Click Categorize, and view all categories and color codes