How to Hire a Marketing Staffer

Taken from an interview with Brian Halligan.


Brian Halligan is co-founder and CEO of HubSpot, an online software-as-a-service company that encompasses search-engine optimization, blogging, social media, landing pages, lead intelligence, and marketing analytics. Founded in 2006, the firm has approximately 8,000 customers in 46 countries.


If you need help with your content efforts, you don’t want to hire someone with tons of marketing experience, because they’re bringing the old playbook. My advice is to hire someone DARC:


D is for digital native, someone who grew up with the internet, loves it, and gets it in his or her bones. Digital natives speak internet fluently; digital immigrants speak it hesitantly, with an “accent.”


A is for analytical. Marketing used to be arts-and-craftsy; now it’s very numbers-driven. How many visits, how many leads, and how do I optimize? When interviewing, I ask the person to bring in a favorite spreadsheet with a pivot table, and show me the insight you got from that. If the person doesn’t know what a pivot table is, he or she not the right candidate.


R is for reach, or a person’s network. Ten years ago, that meant someone with a big Rolodex. Now you want to hire somebody who has a big following in your industry and can bring that reach to your company.


C is for content. A marketer must be very comfortable creating content, whether in writing or on video.