Do Good to Do Well

Disrupting an established, old-school industry and helping out developing countries at the same time—who said you shouldn’t multitask? A condom company with a socially responsible business model, Sir Richard’s operates in the same vein as TOMs Shoes and Warby Parker. Their “buy one, give one” mission will see half a million condoms delivered to Haiti in partnership with Partners in Health this summer, and they’ve also worked with a Haitian artist to design the condoms’ packaging and logo in order to make them relevant with the people who need them most.

“There was never one fleeting moment where there was a thought of starting up a condom company without the real driving issue of this need for more free contraceptives around the planet,” says Mathew Gerson, cofounder and former CEO. “It’s core to the company’s DNA from day one. But then we had to look at the space and say, ‘Okay, we have a good social mission. It’s meaningful. Now, how do we break into this space?’ Because it’s owned by very few brands, and they’re very old and very staid.”

And Sir Richard’s customers at home are finding their US branding and marketing relevant, as well. With its colorful packaging and green ethos (Sir Richard’s condoms are manufactured using 100 percent natural latex, with no filler ingredients, are vegan-certified, and don’t contain harmful ingredients such as spermicide and parabens) the company has found retail space in health food stores, such as Whole Foods.