Best Practices Make Perfect (Or At Least Better)

To say that it is hard to standout in a place like the greater New York City area would be an understatement. Sure, there are many well-known businesses, but how many are not only really good at what they do, but at how they do it as well? The Best Practice Awards, the cornerstone of the Small Business Awards, recognize those companies, in the opinion of our expert judges, that have done an incredible job at coming up with innovative ideas on how to run a business and turning those ideas into results. As in prior years, I was impressed by not only what these companies have accomplished, but how they accomplished it.

When I first read about the winners and their best practices, I was surprised by what I noticed they all had in common: the best practices were all quite simple and, from what we could tell, relatively inexpensive to implement. Now, I am not saying they were easy to implement. In fact, I am sure that they were anything but. The fact that the best practices were simple, but not easy, makes them that much more special. The reason these companies have excelled with these best practices comes down to two characteristics:

  1. They had the vision to realize that there is a better way and
  2. They had the discipline and resolve to follow through.

The latter characteristic is what is so rare. Many business owners will often come up with great ideas to improve their operations, but often get wrapped up in the day-today activities to implement them. For example, Children’s Progress, Inc., the award winner for best practice in technology, knew that in order to best serve more new clients, they would have to invest a lot of time in streamlining the administration processes. For a small business where employees – and the owner – work on all cylinders all week, having the discipline to ramp up their workload temporarily in order to reduce that workload in the long term really impressed our judges. Those who not only say there is better way, but make that better way a reality, are companies that achieve sustainable growth and have happier, more productive employees. They are also the companies who become finalists and winners of the Best Practice Awards.