All Business, All the Time—All Over the World

Taken from an interview with Laurel Delaney. Laurel Delaney is an entrepreneur, speaker, educator, and founder of GlobeTrade, a management and marketing solutions company that helps small businesses expand abroad. She is also the creator of The Global Small Business Blog.

I predict that by 2023, all small businesses will embrace taking their business global because of the internet and other technological advancements. Those that don’t will be gone; they’ll be history. Saying that will scare a lot of people, but it also might force folks to reexamine what they are currently doing and jump-start them to make changes. These days, there’s no excuse for not going global. The front-runners and the true game changers will be the ones who jump on technology, use e-commerce, decide which platforms will advance their cause, and understand what it takes to grow an international business.

The world will be even more interconnected. That interconnectedness, via global mobile, will be a part of entrepreneurs’ DNA. No matter where someone is located, business will be conducted on the go, 24/7, non-stop.

The mobile aspect of business is going to explode. I envision dining in a restaurant, attending a wedding, or even relaxing in bed and still completing a business deal because of the mobile technology we will have at our fingertips.

During the next 5 to 10 years, every effort we make online will count toward something that matters—growth, a passion, or a dream. We're already seeing that in companies like Facebook, Goods for Good, and Teach for America. Will that be exhausting? You bet. But the strongest of strong players will not just thrive—they will soar. They will be the ones who master technology and leverage it to their advantage, fast.