7 Simple Local Internet Marketing Tips to Build Buzz for Your Small Business

The Internet coupled with offline traditional marketing can create a power-packed marketing campaign for your business. You can leverage online marketing strategies such as social media and videos to boost exposure in your area while continuing local advertising to maximize results. Crafting a solid campaign that incorporates various strategies which puts you in front of your desired audience and positions you for more lead and sales opportunities is important to your overall marketing success!

This article presents several local Internet marketing tips that have been proven to drive traffic to your brand.

But, there's a prerequisite before any of this works: knowing and being clear on your target market! You see, when you have clarity on exactly whom you're aiming to reach (or your ideal customer), you will achieve a higher return on your marketing investment. It literally pays to analyze your market so you understand how and when to market to them.

Now that you've identified your market, it's time to explore nine marketing ideas you can employ in your local advertising!

#1 Start Your Business Blog

Every business should have a blog where they deliver valuable content to the marketplace. It is officially your “home” on the Internet and is a great platform for prospects and customers to learn more about your business. Finally you can use SEO techniques to leverage free, organic rank traffic from Google…a win-win for all!

#2 Facebook Ads

Leverage your Fan Page to create Pay-Per-Click ads with Facebook. This method of online paid advertising is one of the easier techniques because its newbie friendly and it helps you to target in on a specific market and location...great for local marketing. The neat thing here is that your ad will appear within your prospects News Feed, making it hard to miss.

#3 Use Freebies!

Particularly when capturing leads online, use free offers such as eBooks, discounts/coupons, or how-to videos in exchange for their contact information. The primary goal in Internet marketing is to build your email list. Using freebies that are valuable and resonates with your audience is the best way to meet this goal.

#4 Video Marketing Works!

Videos are one of the most powerful ways you can market your business online. In fact, it's been predicted that by 2017, 74% of content viewed on the Internet will be through video! You want to start utilizing this tool now to have lots of video content out there to share. The beauty is that you can maximize platforms like Youtube and Vimeo to create “short commercials” to share through your social media networks (more on this in a bit). Make them fun, creative, informative, and valuable. Remember, its not always about selling but creating buzz around your business.

Also don't forget to use the tags…use keywords that are local to your area!

#5 Images Rock on Instagram & Pinterest

These picturesque mediums are becoming hot in Internet marketing as businesses use images to convey easily their messages. It's brilliant since people are naturally attracted to images and are likely to share/post it on their social page.

#6 Use Social Media to Connect

To zero in on local advertising online, consider niche social media or highly targeted groups or forums related to your industry. This is where you want your presence to be known. In addition to sharing posts or tweets, get involved in these groups and interact.

Also, create relationships with your followers and be engaging. When posting content, images, or videos via social media, tell people to share it! The key is to offer value but also give information that your audience is interested in. Remember, its social media…so have fun!

#7 Leverage Local Online Listings

Be sure that your business is included on local listings such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Google Places has created web pages for millions of businesses so confirm yours and keep it updated! Check it often to see what people are saying. The only way you can give the people what they want is by knowing what they want! Feedback and comments are perfect ways to stay in tuned with your market.

Just a couple of final points to remember: Always lead with value and always be solving problems. Majority of people are searching on the Internet to find solutions to a specific problem or need. When they search, you want to pop up! By implementing these techniques into your online marketing strategy, you will position yourself to do just that!

Happy marketing!