6 Must-Read Local Marketing Blogs for 2015

Local marketing practices are constantly changing especially with Internet marketing. The best way to stay abreast of current and fresh techniques is to follow authority blogs in local marketing. These generous experts are willing to share valuable content that will benefit your company in multiple efforts including lead generation, sales conversions, content creation and so forth. As with anything, the key is to take action and execute the strategies in your business to create those desired results.

The following are six high-ranking blogs in the local marketing niche for 2015.

#1 The Moz Blog

The goal of the Moz Local Learning Center is to teach you how to implement local search best practices to drive endless lead and customer potential your way! Moz's blog content plus their website shares information on how to market to local listings, using social media marketing effectively in your campaigns, and also to help you decipher if local search is the best marketing strategy for your unique business, just to name a few.

Because Moz has a tool geared towards local marketing, there's plenty of content to help you in this strategy.

#2 LocalVox

An awesome resource for learning Internet local marketing! LocalVox primary goal is to help local businesses market themselves more efficiently with online marketing strategies yet making it simple and easy to implement. They focus on sharing strategies to boost your local marketing results…tactics ranging from keyword efficiency, content marketing and the ability to use this technique to drive quality traffic to your site, and social media mastery.

This is the perfect blog if you're wanting more of Internet marketing in your business.

#3 Hubspot

Inbound marketing, or the strategy of attracting visitors to your site via content, is one of the most effective methods to capturing quality leads and converting customers. Hubspot centers its entire approach around inbound marketing…and so should you! The message on their blog will show you how to draw ideal customers to you and your content rather than chasing them. Don't have a content marketing strategy? Their free templates and reports will show you how to build one and share ideas on content creation.

Inbound marketing has proved to be the best way to do business online. Let Hubspot show you how!

#4 Local SEO Guide

Struggling with the concept of search engine optimization (SEO) and how to apply it to your local online advertising? The essence of Local SEO Guide is to teach small business owners how to leverage SEO in their marketing campaigns to bring in local prospects and customers. Some of their popular posts are How to do Local SEO, Local SEO Tools, and Best Local Business Directories.

You can rest assured this information is valuable and reliable as the blog owner bring experience from network TV websites, SEO programming, and SEO consulting.

#5 Duct Tape Marketing

Get a daily dose of advice on branding, marketing, and social media for small businesses at the popular Duct Tape Marketing blog. What separates this blog from others is the authors’ no-nonsense style when it comes to communicating value to its audience. Many messages focus on ways to reach target markets that eludes traditional marketing methods.

The beauty about this blog is that there is a plethora of audios available from thought leaders and top entrepreneurs since 2005! So, not only do you glean content but gain access to hundreds of podcasts sharing the goods of what's working in their business.

#6 Forbes

Perhaps the most authoritative and trusted source online for business, Forbes is definitely a must-read this year (and beyond)! Although the site does not focus strictly on local marketing, there is content posted from contributors who will share their experience in this strategy. In fact, here's a recent article on local marketing predictions for 2015.

Staying connected with this blog will keep you well-versed in anything going on in the business-sphere, particularly marketing, investing, and commercial news.

Commit to setting aside a few minutes daily to check out updated blog posts on these sites (you don't have to check them all every day, but two will do). This will keep you informed on the latest strategies and techniques in local marketing while giving you ideas that will ultimately lead to higher profits.

No need to reinvent the wheel…just learn from the experts!