4 Big Reasons To Go GEO

Geo Target Marketing is hot. You may have caught wind of the term PLACES with Google and Facebook. And your Twitter and Facebook streams might be filling up with posts announcing where your connections have checked in. I personally am not a fan for my own use but that is just me. You might not be a fan for yourself either, but you should look into this trend to see if it makes sense for your business.

If you are a brick-and-mortar business, the potential benefits of geo-target marketing are obvious, but if you are not a brick-and-mortar business there are still some things you can be doing.

Improve your searchability and findability

With search engines such as Google and Bing you would register for a “Places” account to get your business on their maps. These solutions are critical in helping you to place in page rank. Yelp is another place where you could establish a “Places” page. With all of these sites, you should spend time setting up your profiles completely to ensure your name is protected and your placement on their maps is accurate and secure, as well as providing visitors with the information that they need,. This may even include photos and videos.

This also opens up for the opportunity for customers to ‘rate’ your business, so pay close attention. Make certain you have a Google Alerts set up to let you know if something comes up about your company and make it a regular habit of checking your Places pages to see what is happening and respond accordingly. I’ve posted before on how to handle bad reviews.

Improve your word of mouth marketing.

Other GEO target marketing sites are Gowalla, Foursquare, and now Facebook. What these sites offer is the opportunity to have physical visitors to your place of business ‘check in’ using their mobile phones. This opens the door for a lot of free advertising and promotion.

Imagine just one customer who has 250 friends on Facebook and 250 friends on Twitter checking in to your location. Their social media network updates include these check-in posts. You have, without lifting a finger or spending a dime, gotten your name out to 500 prospects. If ten customers a day check in, that adds up to 5,000 impressions a day or roughly 150,000 a month. Chances are that if a customer shares this information with their network, some of them will be your next customer – let’s say 50 percent, on the conservative side. Those 150,000 impressions could deliver you 750 new customers a month. Is this giving you some idea of the power of this GEO marketing stuff?

Loyalty Programs work.

Incentives for customers to ‘check in’ might be discounts, coupons, or some other benefits available only to them. Why? Loyalty. Continued promotional support will come through loyalty of customers repeatedly checking in, the happy side-effect of repeat business. Oh, how beautiful is this?

Data That Is Meaningful.

What these programs also offer is some pretty amazing data as to your customer’s habits. Getting them to engage with your business in this manner will provide you with statistical insights enabling you to make smarter business decisions. It will help you launch programs more effectively. All in all, this simple tool will not only help you market smarter, it will allow for more enlightened and tactful service and operational choices.

Give your customers the tools that they need and crave to help them spread the word about your business. Make it fun, entertaining, and offer value. They will share the word with everyone in their community. This is what is known as Word of Mouth Marketing – on digital steroids.

Have you gone GEO? Let us know why or why not and if you have please share your experience so far with this marketing channel.