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The Buck Stops Here: Take Back Your Inbox

Apps and tools to help you organize your inbox are a dime a dozen, but when you’re looking for a fail-proof option, a tried-and-tested system is the way to go.

Don’t Give up on the A Team

“We are competing more for talent than customers,” is something I hear more and more. I know unemployment in the NYC area is still relatively…

That’s How You Do Things. But Why?

“This is the way we’ve always done it,” is a saying that you hear more at big companies than small ones. But, the truth is,…

Legal and Travel: Necessary Evils?

For the first 10 years of my career, I enjoyed traveling for business. New places, expense accounts etc., it was a lot of fun. Of…

Take the Growth Challenge With Us

A few months ago I wrote about not doing business as usual. Since then, I have spoken with several dozen business owners that are, in fact,…

Exploring New Markets  

The Metro Area Opens Up

Taken from an interview with Christopher Boylan. Christopher Boylan is director, governmental and strategic partnerships at General Contractors Association of New York. He was previously deputy director of the NYS Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

All Business, All the Time—All Over the World

Taken from an interview with Laurel Delaney. Laurel Delaney is an entrepreneur, speaker, educator, and founder of GlobeTrade, a management and marketing solutions company that helps small businesses expand abroad. She is also the creator of The Global Small Business Blog.

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Bring Back that Lovin Feeling to Your Business

When I first started my business I was new to the business world and full of ambition. The biggest excitement of my life would be hearing the phone ring and speaking to clients or potential clients. It was like Christmas morning to me hearing that phone ring. I would wait for it and relish in it. Fast forwarding to many years later, and the phone is ringing off the hook.

Business at a Crossroads? 3 Ways Data Can Provide the Answer

Beth, owner of a management consulting firm, had by all appearances a thriving business: projects for the foreseeable future; a mix of offerings to keep it interesting; repeat clients who valued her expertise. But Beth didn’t feel like she was thriving. She felt too busy for her current staff, but wasn’t sure if she could sustain additional hires.

Nine Issues Commonly Overlooked Before Buying a Business

Nine items to consider when looking to purchase a business.

Healthy Growth: Nutricap Labs Founder Jason Provenzano

In less than 10 years, Nutricap Labs, a vitamin and supplement manufacturing company based in Farmingdale, Long Island, has grown to 350 employees, and to more than $75 million in sales.

A Crash Course in Growth: Interview with Owner Andrew Schrage

Launching a personal finance website at the height of a recession is a sensible idea, but launching a personal finance website when you’re only 21 may raise a few eyebrows. But thanks to his expanding thought leadership and his growing team, Money Crashers Personal Finance founder and co-owner Andrew Schrage is successfully helping a community of money-minded individuals save their pennies.


Innovate to Uncover Clients’ Unmet Needs

The ability to anticipate and satisfy your customers’ needs is an important indicator for the future success of your company. Understanding the root causes of their compliments, complaints, and behaviors will help you become a better innovator.

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International IT: Interview with Himanshu Sareen

Manhattan-based technology company Icreon, which was founded in 2000 in India by Himanshu Sareen, works with small to medium-sized businesses with revenue between $30 and $200 million, helping them to identify and solve almost any and every IT problem. Since setting up their NYC headquarters in 2010, the company has grown from a half million to six million dollars in revenue.

The Secret to International Success

In today’s economy, international markets offer tantalizing possibilities for growing a business. The best way to capitalize on those opportunities? Find the right local partner, according to Alexander Gordin, international business expert and managing director of Fluent in Foreign, who spoke at NYER’s annual International Business Opportunities Conference, sponsored by Citibank.

Entering the Global Market What is it? This website helps businesses sort through the rules and regulations that can complicate international shipping. How does it work?

Go Global or Go Home

Lilach Nachum is a professor of international business at Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business and an internationally recognized expert with more than 20 years of experience writing and speaking about international business issues.

Still Growing Strong: Steve Hindy

Steve Hindy, co-founder and president of Brooklyn Brewery.

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Business Entertaining Etiquette Tips From a Pro

Conducting business over a meal is as much about relationship building as it is about closing deals. By building a rapport and gaining the trust…

How to Identify the Signs of Toxic Leadership

Steve Tobak, a strategic consultant and a former senior executive in technology industry, wrote for Fox Business and puts it right there: Good leaders are hard to find and that’s because gray hair, managerial smoothness, and charm can go only so far.

Why Do We Hit the Wall?

What does it mean to you to be comfortable? Does it mean just squeaking by with your bills every month? Having an ok job with fairly reasonable hours? Is your comfort zone that place that’s just a little bit boring but safe from catastrophes like job layoffs, conflicts with your spouse and kids, living a little bit close to the bone but not having too much debt?

Growing the World’s Next Generation of Women Entrepreneurs

After Dr. Terry Neese, turned over her staffing and executive search company to her daughter eight years ago, she started The Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women, a nonprofit aimed at educating women entrepreneurs on the importance of public policy.

7 Steps to Staying Sane while Getting Negative Feedback

Your business is like your baby, and if someone says it’s ugly or that something is wrong with it, it’s only natural for you to go a little crazy inside. If you’re enlightened enough to not be emotionally attached to your business, hearing negative feedback still isn’t easy because it points to more work and the fact that, maybe, you’re just not where you need to be as a leader.


Business at a Crossroads? 3 Ways Data Can Provide the Answer

Beth, owner of a management consulting firm, had by all appearances a thriving business: projects for the foreseeable future; a mix of offerings to keep it interesting; repeat clients who valued her expertise. But Beth didn’t feel like she was thriving. She felt too busy for her current staff, but wasn’t sure if she could sustain additional hires.

What’s Your Capacity?

At a recent business event, Norm Brodsky, a long-time columnist for Inc., mentioned the word “capacity.” It got me thinking about my capacity. Here’s what capacity means and what you can do about it.

Operations Advice from Hearst Magazine’s Gil Maurer

I recently thought about a conversation I had with the former president of Hearst Magazine Division (among other titles), Gil Maurer.

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Build It To Sell It

Build your company to sell it. Seriously. Build it so that it’s worth more than your competition, so that suitors are lining up, so that you can sell at an enviable multiple and never work again. Now that I have your attention, which group of CEO’s are you in?

Sell the Business, Keep the Peace

We asked Sally Anne Hughes, founder of business brokerage firm Hughes Klaiber LLC, for a few considerations to keep in mind when preparing to sell a family business to a third party buyer.

Think You Don’t Need an M&A Strategy? Think Again

Will 2013 be the year M&As make a comeback? Will it be the year when you consider selling your business, merging it with another, or making an acquisition of your own? Let’s take a step back. Will 2013 be the year most business owners realize the need for an M&A strategy, whether they’ve seriously considered being part of a transaction or not?

3 Steps to a Successful Exit Plan

Even if your company is still growing, you should be planning your exit, no matter when, or if, you’re going to retire. “Every business, regardless of its revenue, should have a succession plan. For a small business, it’s probably even more important,” says Mark Brumbaugh, JD, a consultant with the Business Resource Center for Advanced Markets at the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Earnouts and Seller Financing

Over the past year, the market for mergers and acquisitions among small and mid-sized businesses has seen a slight increase. However, despite the uptick, many would-be business acquirers are still quite risk-averse, and want to minimize the amount of capital they need to invest in order to buy a company.

Succession Planning  

5 Minutes with…John Warrillow

John Warrillow is a serial entrepreneur who founded four companies, the last of which was Warrillow & Co, a consultancy firm specializing in helping Fortune 500 companies sell to the small business market. In 2008, Warrillow sold that consultancy to The Corporate Executive Board.